About MVGM

MVGM is a leading European property manager and real estate specialist with some 1,500 employees in 39 branch offices in 8 countries. With this About MVGM page we want to disclose to you everything important about our company.
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We are a European market leader in property management.

About MVGM

MVGM is a leading European property manager and real estate specialist with some 1,500 employees in 39 branch offices in 8 countries. Founded in 1953, we combine expert knowledge of local dynamics with extensive international experience. With a growth strategy based on accelerating innovation enabled by a greater scale and digitalisation-driven optimisation, we are on track to become the leading property management company in Europe.

We offer our clients a broad, integrated spectrum of services with a specialization in property management. We manage offices, multi-tenant buildings, retail, shopping centres, residential assets, hotels, logistics, industrial assets and more. Our clients include national and international investors, banks and financiers, housing associations, entrepreneurs, insurance companies, governments and government agencies.

Top 5 European property management company

The largest real estate service provider in The Netherlands

Market consolidator with international growth ambition

We have specialised teams in 8 European countries

More about MVGM:

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MVGM Group

The Board of Directors of the MVGM Group consists of: 

  • Janno de Haas
  • Susi Kaml
  • Cor Treure
  • Petra van der Vlist

Together they work closely with the managing directors in the countries where MVGM is represented.

Advisory Board

  • Eddy Smit

Our managing directors of our European locations are happy to help you with developping your strategy and management of your buildings and areas.

The Netherlands

  • Janno de Haas
    CEO of MVGM 
  • Kim van de Stay
    Director MVGM Health Care
  • Manfred Ziere
    Director MVGM Residential
  • Jeroen Koevermans
    Director MVGM Real Estate Agents
  • Roger Felix
    Director MVGM Real Estate Taxation
  • Ruben de Koning
    Director MVGM Property & Asset Management
  • Sander van Hoek
    Director MVGM Owners’ Association

Czech Republic

  • Ondřej Fukal
    Managing Director MVGM Czech Republic


  • Dirk Tönges
    Managing Director MVGM Germany
  • Jochen Klemann
    Finance Director MVGM Germany
  • Thorsten Czoske
    Executive Director Commercial MVGM Germany
  • Andreas Flechtner
    Executive Director Residential MVGM Germany


  • Pauline Dusseldorf
    Managing Director MVGM Luxembourg


  • Łukasz Mazurczak
    Managing Diretor MVGM Poland


  • Elisa Navarro
    Managing Director MVGM Iberia


  • Filip Polomský
    Managing Director MVGM Slovakia


  • Elisa Navarro
    Managing Director MVGM Iberia


It is our vision to be a proactive and dynamic organization and to always act with integrity and transparency as a service provider and employer. 

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Quality is one of the core values of MVGM. We guarantee the quality of our services through various national and international memberships, partnerships and certifications.

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Our core values

Our employees are the most valuable asset of our company, because it is the people that make our business succesful.

Result-oriented for customer and employee

Our ambition is to keep customers satisfied and employees to be committed and driven. We understand the changing needs and wishes of our customers and we respond flexibly and with expertise. We carry out regular satisfaction surveys for both customers and employees and always strive to achieve the highest attainable result. With a profound knowledge of constantly evolving laws and regulations, we offer a proactive approach and translation of insight into practice, resulting in optimal returns for clients.

Comitted to people and to society

We have respect for people and society as a whole. Commitment and integrity are of paramount importance to us. We offer our employees the opportunity to develop their talents. We recognize the importance of being a responsible business, contributing to the stability of society in which we live and work. We contribute to the protection of the environment through far-reaching digitization and the use of a green fleet, for example. We also manage real estate in line with clients’ green objectives and sponsor various social and sporting initiatives.

Creative innovation

We encourage employees to follow developments in the market with enthusiasm, including for example, developments in technology We understand the need for innovation, in fact, we embrace innovation We think outside the box and see opportunities in constantly evolving markets It is up to us to identify these opportunities for our business operations, in collaboration with third parties and for clients, and to convert these into innovative business concepts and optimisations through further digitization.

Quality of service

We strive for market leadership in quality and to create added value for our clients and stakeholders. We are, individually and collectively, committed to achieving the best result for our customers. We guarantee the quality of services through, among other things, membership, partnership and certification from and by various renowned institutions.

Environmental – Social – Governance

The ESG topic represents the evaluation of corporate social responsibility. With the EU Disclosure Regulation introduced in March 2020, sustainability is made measurable and plays a particularly important role in the real estate industry. As one of the leading companies in the pan-European real estate industry, we pursue a sustainability strategy that takes into account any ESG requirements and we work with our clients and MVGM as a company to a net zero footprint by 2030.


ESG concept in the hand of humans