MVGM, a leading player in the real estate sector, has taken a crucial step to optimize its activities in Spain and Portugal by combining them under the name MVGM Iberia. This strategic merger marks an important moment for the company, with the aim of creating new business synergies and improving operational efficiency.

This integrated approach allows MVGM Iberia to operate with a more cohesive structure and a unified approach. This allows the company to respond more adequately to the dynamics and demands of the real estate market and our clients in the region. This consolidation ensures not only better cooperation within the company, but also greater efficiency in customer service.

As of November, Elisa Navarro has assumed the role of managing director at MVGM Iberia. “The merger of our teams in Spain and Portugal not only strengthens us as a company, but also enhances our ability to provide solutions and an enhanced experience to our clients,” said Elisa Navarro. “This merger is a testament to our commitment to continue to grow and improve to meet market needs and deliver high-quality services.”

Maarten de Haas, managing director Europe, comments: “This also creates scale, which will lead to more efficiency and more capacity to continue to grow in the region. This will allow us to meet the needs of the market and continue to provide high quality services with respect to property management, but also services such as ESG, project management, leasing and other services.”

At a time when the real estate sector is constantly evolving, this merger positions MVGM Iberia as an agile and proactive partner capable of meeting the changing needs of the market. In doing so, the company demonstrates not only its commitment to growing the business, but also its commitment to providing high-quality services to its valued clients.

With these recent developments, MVGM remains a promising player in the real estate market, determined to excel in its mission to add value to both its internal operations and the real estate market in Europe.