Hospitality as an asset class: Full-service hotel and casino property management.

Because it's not only hospitality, but places where people recuperate.

Business travels or tourists seek short and long term stays and accommodations. Hotels and hospitality comprises buildings are fulfilling these needs. The return on hotel real estate as an asset class fluctuates depending on demand and especially on the type of travel and entertainment.

In addition, hotel properties place special demands on owners. Whether it is finding the right operators, the right location or numerous other factors that significantly influence the success of a hotel – expertise and industry knowledge are required to avoid making the wrong decisions. We also keep an eye on changes in the hotel market so that we can always take relevant measures and maximise the profitability of your hotel.

When it comes to the management of hotels and casino property management, you are in the best hands with our interdisciplinary team of European experts. With us, you enjoy the highest level of Stable rental income from a single tenant ensures long-term returns. Moreover, this form of investment offers sustainable returns over a long period of time.


M.H. (Maarten) de Haas

Managing Director Europe +31 88 432 40 00