We are thrilled that we can welcome Ondrej Fukal to the MVGM Czech Republic team. Ondrej has joined us as a Managing Director starting from 1st of October 2023. His primary responsibility is to manage the day-to-day operations, being in regular contact with our clients and to expand and enhance our provided services to them. Additionally, he will be actively involved in acquiring new clients, expanding our company, and strengthening our position on the local market.

Ondrej has worked in Real Estate for nearly thirty years and thanks to his extensive experience predominantly in the property and facility management is respected professional.

Petra Stiller, current Managing Director of MVGM Property Management Czech, adds: Ondrej is an icon in the property management recognized across the Czech market. Based on my personal work experience with him, I’m certain that Ondrej’s knowledge, professional experiences and the qualities of his personality are a great combination for our company and for all of us. Outwardly, Ondrej’s arrival takes our company MVGM to the next level in the market. We must exploit this shift to further strengthen and grow, through a mutual cooperation of all of us together, which we are very much looking forward to.